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Why Rely on Dahmer Powertrain?
At Dahmer Powertrain, we have a very simple beliefÖpurchasing an engine, a transmission or whatever you need, should be an enjoyable and professional experience.

Our business has continued to grow, along with our customer satisfaction, since the founding of our company in 1975. Dahmer Powertrain is recognized nationally as a leader in this industry. Our growth and success are attributed to our hard work and our ability to attract quality employees all while taking care of the customer and treating them as we would like to be treated.

Having a huge inventory is another item that sets us apart from our competition. We stock over 3,000 engines and transmissions. Whether itís a small 4-cylinder or a 300 HP Catapillar Diesel, if we donít have it, nobody will.

Every item we offer is backed with a warranty thatís unheard of in our industry. Competitive pricing and state of the art warranty is what makes Dahmer Powertrain one of a kind. Additionally we have one department specifically for warranty claims. Most of our products offer a 3-year 100,000 mileage Parts and Labor nationwide warranty. Some exceptions do apply.

View our online testing demonstration and learn more about our engine testing process that sets the standard for the industry:

Online Engine Test

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24 Hour Shipping Guarantee
We'll ship your order within 24 hours - guaranteed! We offer delivery and core pickup in the continental USA.

Technical Expertise
The one ingredient that separates us from our competitors is our technical expertise to custom build a product as you want it, all at a competitive price. This technical expertise enables us to design custom solutions for all your engine needs. One of our largest customers, over 2000 engines per year, was developed by our ability to build the engine in a way that saved them thousands of dollars.
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